deer1Libby Camps has some of the finest trophy deer hunts available in the East. Each year our hunters bag some of the largest deer in the state as can be seen by checking the annual records from the Fish and Wildlife Department. Our average buck is heavy antlered and weighs in at over 180 pounds dressed. Northern Maine's severe winters cull out the weaker, smaller deer giving us a genetically superior white-tailed deer.

There are two keys to our success: our area and our guides. Our camps are located in the heart of one of the largest wintering deeryards in the state. As the fall progresses deer will infiltrate our area getting ready for the winter to come. By the peak of the winter it is not unusual to see hundreds of deer in and around our camps. The coyotes and the cold play havoc with these animals, but come spring the strong survive and breed more of the same for another year. Our guides are regarded as the finest in the state. Many of these men have hunted these timberlands all of their adult lives. We have hunters returning year after year always asking for the same guide because of his knowledge and hard work ethic.


Our rifle hunts all go from Sunday to Sunday throughout November with guided hunts.

* PACKAGE #1 -- Unguided Hunts:Includes meals, cabin, maid service.
$1150/week/person + tax, double occupancy.
$1605/week/person + tax, single.
Portable tree stand rentals $40/week/stand



* PACKAGE #2 -- Guided Hunts:
Includes full guide for six days, meals, cabin, maid service.
$2050/week/person + tax, double occupancy.
$3405/week/person + tax, single. Trophy Deer Hunting in Maine


deer4Each party will have their own cabin with bath, three home-cooked meals and maid service daily. Guided parties will have the option of using our tree stands and hunting more wilderness areas. We also will help unguided parties as much as we can on where to go.

Reservations should be made a year in advance, however cancellations always seem to occur so you may find space available any time.

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For hunting season information and hunting license fees,
visit: State of Maine's Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Web Site.



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