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guide1Maine Guiding Service

Guides are all 'Orvis Endorsed' and Registered Maine Guides. Maine guides are the most tested and talented in the country. Libby's are the best of the best. These guides for the most part spend most of their guiding time with us, but are considered independent contractors by the state. They are picked for their expertise, but more importantly for their attitudes and attention to service. They like to have a good time in the woods and on the waters.

guide2Why hire a guide? Libby's does not make extra for a guide. His fee insures you the finest in fishing and hunting in the North Maine Woods. This remote area is lacking signs and has over 10,000 miles of logging roads to get lost on. There are no gas stations, no telephones, no cell phone coverage (with few exceptions). For example: remote ponds are often found by less than obvious trails and success on fishing is usually ever changing. A guide is an insurance policy that you won't be wasting your valuable vacation time.

Guide fees are all inclusive and include the guides 4x4, boat and motor and equipment.

guide3Fishing rate: $285/day (1-2 people) 2 day minimum; $335/day for 3 people.
Average tips run from $90-125/day.
Deer hunting: $1710/week for 1-2 men. Average tips $450-$600/week for group.
Bird Hunting: $375/day for 1-2 men includes guides truck. Average tip $100/day
$470/day for 1-2 men includes guides truck and dogs. Average tip $100-125/day
Nature guiding: $285/day 1-2 people (May-Sept) $375/day in October.


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